LG F770s Spotted in Bluetooth SIG Filing

A new LG device simply known as ‘LG-MM0504″ has just been ceritified by the Bluetooth SIG.

According to Bluetooth SIG filing, The new LG device is a LG Mobile Phone. Its Design Name is LG-MM0504, and its Software Version Number is F770S08g.


Based on the Software version, We know that the official model number for this upcoming LG device is LG F770S.

In South Korea market, LG has released two F7xx devices namely the LG F700 and LG F720. The LG F700 is the LG G5 and the LG F720 is the G Stylus 2.

At the moment, little is known about this LG F770 Smart phone. Anyway, The device should come with the Android 6.0.1. OS.

Stay tuned.