LG F60 running Android 5.0 spotted at HTML5Test website

The LG F60 was announced by LG back in October. It is an affordable handset with LTE 4G on board. It runs on Android 4.4 KitKat OS out-of-the-box.

The Eruopean Version LG F60 (D390N) running Android 5.0 was recently spotted on HTML5TEST site. According to the site, The Chrome 38 browser on a LG F60 running Android 5.0 CORED 497 OUT OF 555 POINTS.

As you can see from below screen shot, The browser’s user agent string (UA) mentions a handset with the model number D390N. The handset runs on Android 5.0.

It seems that LG is working hard on the Android 5.0 update for its new LG F60 series smart phones.

Below are several variants of the LG F60:

D390n – European Version
D390AR – Latin America
D392 – India
D392K – CIS
D393 – Canada Videotron
MS395 – MetroPCS
LS660 – Sprint
VS810PP – Verizon

* The LG LS660 is available now from Virgin Mobile as LG Tribute.
* Verizon Wireless has not announced the VS810PP model yet. The handset could be launched under different market name.
* MetroPCS has not announced the LG MS395 F60 model yet.

All above mentioned F60 variants features Android 4.4 kitkat OS. LG should make the Android L 5.0 update available for the F60 series smart phones.

Stay Tuned!