LG F470L (A possible G3 mini variant) tipped to Feature MSM8226 processor, 8MP Camera, Code named “JagN”

The new unannounced yet LG F470L handset has been spotted on LG U plus website. The LG-F470 model has three different model numbers for three different Korean carriers: LG-F470L, LG-F470k and the LG-470S.

Today, the model number LG F470L shows up in a leaked document, send by our tipster, with code name “Jagn”. As you can seen from below image, The LG F470L features a MSM8226 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) processor.


According to our tipster, there are six “Jag” series handset, namely the jagnm,jagn,jagdsnm,jagdscnm,jagc,and jag3gds. The jag3gds means 3G Dual Sim Version of the handset. So far, we did not know the meaning of the other code names.

new-lg-phones (1)

According to our tipster,, The LG D722 which is believed to be the G3 mini also shows up with the new code name “Jagnm”.

The LG F470L and D722 will Feature a MSM8226 processor, if the above screen shot is real. Based on the information taken from LG Camera App, The New LG Jag series smart phones will features an 8MP Rear Camera.


For reference, here is the list of LG G3 Mini model variants we know so far:

LG F470L/S/S
LGD725 – AT&T
LGD722 – Europe
LGD722K – Taiwan
LGD724 – CIS
LGD728 – China Mobile LTE

Stay Tuned!