[Exclusive]LG F460L with Snapdragon 805 Confirmed, Is it LG G3 Prime?

Early rumors and a few recent leaks suggest the new LG F460L will pack snapdragon 805 chipset. Phonearena and Naver also reported that LG will release an upgraded version of the G3 with a Snapdragon 805 processor in July.

Today, we have got an image from our tipster. As you can see from below image, The code name of the F460L is Tiger which match the early rumors from eyeonmobility. The APQ8084 entry suggest that the LG F460L will pack snapdragon 805 (APQ8084) chipset. It means that the LG F460 will have a quad core Krait 450 CPU,Adreno 420 GPU, MDM9635 Modem and support for LP-DDR3 memory.


Naver also reported that the new LG G3 models will have Qualcomm MDM9635 modem inside, that takes advantage of up to 225 Mbps download speeds.

Other rumored specs of the LG F460l includes: a QHD 1440 x 2560 Display,3GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 13MP main Camera. It runs on Android 4.4.2 kitkat OS and Latest LG UX. According to Our tipser, the LG F460l’s LCD destinty is “64DPI”, The only difference between LG G3 F400 and LG F460 Modles is the Chipset, and the new G3 with Snapdragon 805 will be available in South Korea only.

However, we’re not sure that the information from above image is REAL.So what are your thoughts? Do you think the LG F460L/K/S are the LG G3 Prime models? Is it for South Korea market only?

we’ll let you know as soon as something new emerges. Stay Tuned.

The Snapdragon 805 processor includes the following part numbers: 8084 Fusion 4, 8084 Fusion 4.5
via http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/805

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  1. Some may question the need for a more powerful processor but the 805 includes a vast improvement in graphics and very fast connectivity (cat. 6 LTE) upwards of 300 mb/s.
    Where I live this is available.
    If I can actually obtain this device through a
    S. Korean supplier I hope English is a language option.

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