LG-F460L and LG-F470L Spotted on Zauba website

Earlier today two new LG devices have been spotted on Zauba, namely the LG-F460L and LG-F470L.

On the Zauba site, the LG-F460L and LG-F470L were listed as having been shipped into the country for R&D purposes. The declared value for the LG-F460L and LG-F470L is INR21,157 per unit.

The LG-F460L model number was recently spotted in a leak document which suggest that the handset will feature a Snapdragon 805 processor. It is believed that the LG F460L is the LG G3 Prime.

The LG-F470L with code name “Jagn” also shows up in a leaked document.T he LG F470L features a MSM8226 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) processor and 8MP rear Camera, According to early leaks, The LG D722 which is believed to be the G3 mini also shows up with the new code name “Jagnm”. we suspect the LG-F470L is the korea version of the LG G3 mini.


That is all we know about the new LG-F460L and LG-F470L so far.

Stay Tuned!