LG E460 (LG Optimus L5 II) Cell Phone

LG will released the LG L5 II series smart phones in 2013. LG E460 series is the model number of the LG Optimus L5 II.

Here is the list of LG Optimus L5 II models to be released in world wide market.

LG-E450 (Europe), LG-E450B, LG-E450f (Asia), LG-E450g (North America, South America), LG-E455, LG-E455f, LG-E455g, LG-E460 (Europe), LG-E460f (Asia), LG-E460g (North America, South America).

LG Optimus L5 II Key Specifications:

Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2
Processor: 1 GHz Single Core
Display: 4.0-inch WVGA
Memory: 4 GB / 512 MB RAM
Camera: 5.0MP with LED Flash
Battery: 1,700mAh
Size: 117.5 x 62.2 x 9.2mm (Single SIM) / 118.4 x 62.2 x 9.2mm (Dual SIM)
Colors: Indigo Black, White, Pink, Titan

We will share with you the LG Optimus L5 II series smart phones’s user manual. Also, If you owns the LG Optimus L5 II, you can download the LG USB Drivers Ver. 3.8.1 for LG Optimus L5 II.