LG-D370 coming to Canada Spotted in UA Profile, Is it LG L80?

A new LG device bearing model number LG D370 was spotted in an User Agent Profile on LG Offcial Website.

According to the device’s UA Profile, The LG D370 features a screen of 480×800 pixel resolution and runs on Android 4.4 kitkat OS. It supports 3G network HSUPA HSDPA and features a LG Browser (AppleWebKit/537.36).

As you can seen from below screenshot, The code name of the LG D370 is W6. we know that the internal code name for LG L70 is W5 and the code name for LG L90 is W7. Maybe LG will launche the LG D370 as the LG L80?


Based on recent leaks on XDA forum, The LG D370 is coming to Canada. Here are some LG L80 model variants:

LG-D385:TIM Brazil
LG-D380:vivo Brazl

More LG L80 model variants should emmerge in coming weeks.