LG Aristo 2 Metro PCS LMX210MA Software Update X210MA10L

The LG Aristo 2 (LMX210MA) from Metro PCS is receiving a new software Update which brings the latest Google Android Security Patch.

ModelBuyer SuffixCarrierSoftware VersionLast Update Date
LMX210MAMTPMETRO PCSOreo OMR1 X210MA20d01/28/2019

Download LG Aristo 2 Metro PCS LMX210MA Firmware – Android Oreo





Software Version:X210MA20D_00

OS Version:OMR1

File Name:X210MA20d_00_MPCS_US_OP_0103.kdz

KDZ File size:2092267865


The Update is software version X210MA10L,

Now You can use LG bridge to install the Update.  LG official also released the stock kdz firmware for the LG Aristo 2 Metro PCS LMX210MA.

Download LG Aristo 2 Metro PCS LMX210MA Firmware – Android Nougat NMR2





Software Version:X210MA10L_00

OS Version:NMR2 – Android Nougat release 2

File Name:X210MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1003.kdz

KDZ File size:2239865263


if you bricked your LG Aristo 2, you can download the stock firmware from the above link, and restore your phone by flashing the X210MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1003.kdz with LGUP tool.

Below You can download the firmware build x210ma10d from Google Drive:


and the X210MA10e firmware x210ma10e_00_mpcs_us_op_0228.kdz



LG Aristo 2 stock firmware – MetroPCS – X210MA10L – X210MA10l_00_MPCS_US_OP_1003.kdz

LG aristo firmware update, There are three way to install firmware Update on LG Aristo 2

– Update through OTA

– Software Update through LG Bridge.

– Software Update through LG UP tool – flashing the latest stock kdz firmware to upgrade your phone.

How to check and download the latest firmware for LG aristo or LG aristo 2?

– Visit 9to5lg.com, Input your phone’s IMEI and Click Download to check the latest firmware for your phone.

LG aristo boot loop issues – How to Fix

– Perform a hard reset first

– The ” Update Error Recovery” feature of LG Bridge can Solve the boot loop issues

– If LG Bridge cannot fix the issue, Try to use LGUP to refurbish or Upgrade your phone by flashing the latest stock kdz firmware for your phone.

How by bypass Google FRP on LG aristo.?

– The “Chip Erase” feature can remove the Google FRP Lock on some LG Aristo phones.

– Be Careful, “Chip Erase” feature do FIX 99% issues of your phone, It will Erase your phone IMEI/ESN and other important data too.