LG Android 10 Devices – LG Andorid 10 OS Update status

In this page, You can find:

  • List of LG devices that is eligible to receive the Android 10 Update
  • LG devices that have already received the Android 10 OS Update
  • LG devices that come with Android 10 OS pre-installed
  • LG devices listed on the LG Open source code website with Android 10 OS
  • other rumored LG Android 10 Devices.

added – LG devices with Android 10 Q OS pre-installed 

– LG V60, LG K31?

South Korea

[Expected Target Model and Estimated Schedule]

  • -Q4 ’19: G8 ThinQ (completed)
  • -Q1 20: V50 ThinQ (Completed)
  • -Q2 ’20: V50S ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, V35 ThinQ, G7 ThinQ
  • -Q3 ’20: X6 (2019), X2 (2019), Q70

Sources: LG

LG V50S,V40, V35 and G7 ThinQ

Italy, Europen models

LG Italy announced Android 10 Update roadmap for the following LG devices:

  • LG V50 ThinQ: early February
  • LG G8X ThinQ: Q2 2020
  • LG G7: Q3 2020
  • LG G8s: Q3 2020
  • LG V40: Q3 2020
  • LG K40s: Q4 2020
  • LG K50: Q4 2020
  • LG K50s: Q4 2020
  • LG Q60: Q4 2020

Sources: LG Italy

We will update this list as we receive more information from our sources.

LG devices with software version Android_Q_v10a means these devices are preloaded with Android 10 OS out of the box.

  • LG K31 LMK300AM – Upcoming LG Android 10 smartphone
  • LMQ620VAB – Upcoming LG Android 10 smartphone for Verizon Wireless

The LG Q9 one LMQ927L (Q927L) is expected to receive the Android 11 Update in Q3 2020.

LG Android 10 Kernel code source 

LG has already posted the Android 10 Kernel code source for the LG devices listed in the below table.

[last updated on April 11, 2020]

DeviceModel NumbersVersion
LG V60 ThinQ 5GL51AL51A_Android_Q_v10c
LG G7 ThinQ T-mobileLMG710TMLMG710TMP_Android_Q_v30a
LG G7 ThinQ T-mobileLMG710TMPLMG710TMP_Android_Q_v30a
LG G7 ThinQ VerizonLMG710VMLMG710VM_Android_Q_v30a
LG G8 ThinQ South KoreaLMG820NLMG820N_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820QM5LMG820QM5_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820QM7LMG820QM7_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820QM8LMG820QM8_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQ T-mobileLMG820TMBLMG820TMB_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820UM0LMG820UM0_Android_Q_v20d
LG G8 ThinQLMG820UM1LMG820UM1_Android_Q_v20i
LG G8 ThinQLMG820UM2LMG820UM2_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820UM3LMG820UM3_Android_Q_v20a
LG G8 ThinQLMG820UMBLMG820UMB_Android_Q_v20a
LG K31?LMK300AMLMK300AM_Android_Q_v10a
LMQ620VA – Verizon WirelessLMQ620VABLMQ620VAB_Android_Q_v10a
LG G7 oneLMQ910UM2LMQ910UM2_Android_Q_v30a
LG Q9 oneLMQ927LLMQ927L_Android_Q_v20a
LG V40 ThinQLMV409NLMV409N_Android_Q_v30a
LG V40 ThinQLMV409NOLMV409N_Android_Q_v30a
LG V50 ThinQLMV450PMLMV450VMB_LMV450PM_Android_Q_v20a
LG V50 ThinQLMV450VMLMV450VMB_LMV450PM_Android_Q_v20a
LG V50 ThinQLMV450VMBLMV450VMB_LMV450PM_Android_Q_v20a
LG V50 ThinQLMV500EMLMV500EM_Android_Q_v20a
LG V50 ThinQLMV500NLMV500N_Android_Q_v20a
LG V60 THinQ ATT?LMV600AMLMV600AM_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQLMV600EALMV600EA_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQ T-mobileLMV600TM0LMV600TM0_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQ T-mobileLMV600TM2LMV600TM2_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQLMV600TM2XLMV600TM2_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQLMV600TMLLMV600TML_Android_Q_v10a
LG V60 THinQLMV600VMLLMV600VML_Android_Q_v10a