LG 840g icons

LG 840G, also known as Spyder II, is a basic feature cell phone from LG for carrier TracFone.

Just noticed that some LG 840g Users are searching for “LG 840g icons” on our website. I guess some of you maybe feel confused with the icons meaning on your LG 840g cell phone?

So where i can find the LG 840g icons Glossary?

The LG 840g device has a menu named “Icon Glossary” which Allows you to view all the icons and their meanings.

How to Access “Icon Glossary” on LG 840G Cell Phone?

1. Touch settings
2. Touch menu
3. Touch Phone Settings phone-settings
Phone Info and Icon Glossary.

Also you can find helpful information on the Spyder II LG 840G User Manual.

Wish this helps.