LG 440G user manual download

This is the official LG 440G user manual / guide provided from the manufacture.

The LG 440G is a basic feature cell phone available from NET10 Wireless. The device features a 1.3 Megapixel Camera,Alarm Clock,Bluetoot,Caller ID,Graphics Download,HAC Compatible,Handsfree Speaker,Mobile Web,MP-3 Player and more.

LG 440G cell phone owners. If you lost the printed user manual for your LG 440G cell phone, Do not worry, here you can download the PDF LG 440G user manual.

Download LG 440G User manual from Tracfone website

Download LG 440G user manual | English | PDF

Download LG 440G User manual from LG Server.


LG 440G picture-> the key to enable vibration mode.

wish this helps.

LG 440G cell phone, net10 wireless,tracphone.

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  1. I am having the same problem as Lobo: the phone vibrates when the person I call answer – both in and out of vibrate mode.

  2. Hi,lobo, maybe you pressed the keys for Vibrating Mode. please check the device owners manual page 14.

    The key on the right of “0”, Press and hold to activate/deactivate Vibrating Mode

  3. I have an LG440G. When I place a call & the party called answers the phone vibrates. I can not find where I can turn the vibrate off. Also, the voice of the party I am speaking to gradually get louder & then softer, this continues through the entire conversation.It isn’t a range problem. I have checked & called a person a few blocks away.

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