LG 305C for Tracfone approved by FCC

[Update] The LG 305C is already avaiable from Straight Talk and TracFone.

The difference between LG 305C and LG 306G:

LG 305C: CDMA frequency
LG 306G: GSM frequency

The LG 305C handset coming to Tracfone has just been given the FCC seal of approval.

The LG 305c is a basic feature phone which has been spotted in a Bluetooth SIG Filing, which reveals that the LG 305C is a CDMA mobile phone with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

Tracfone has not announced the LG 305C device yet. Since the LG 305C has visit FCC, It should be released by Tracfone in not long future, maybe in March 2014.


Stay tuned for more information!

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  1. this phone is pure garbage!!!!.. cannot send pictures…. after HOURS on the phone with “customer service” was finally sent a new phone only AFTER I returned the other phone… the new phone does the same thing !!! Pure garbage and pathetic customer service from the Phillipines !!

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