Italy TIM LG K4 2017 (M160) received its first software update

The LG K4 2017 (aka LG M160) from Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) received its first software update since its initial release.

Model: LG M160
Buyer suffix:TIM
Live Date:2017-03-21

Starting from March 21, 2017,  Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) customers who own a LG K4 2017 can upgrade the phone with LG bridge or via FOTA.

The new Update brings latest Google Android Security patch for the TIM LG K4 2017 (M160). It is reported that the update will be available for LG M160 model released in other European countries too.

The Stock kdz firmware for Italy TIM LG K4 2017 (M160) is now available for download from LG Server. If you are in need of the TIM LG K4 2017 (M160) stock kdz firmware, please contact and let us know your phone’s IMEI.

We will update this page with the stock firmware and LG UP DLL for LG M160 later when we got the kdz firmware for LG M160 phone.

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