Is LG F460L the premium version of the LG G3?

A new LG handset with model number LG-F460L has been spotted on Korea Carrier LG U+ Plus website.


We knew that the LG F400L is the official model number for LG G3 for LG U plus, It is interesting that the F460L is also a model variant of the G3, According to A Senior Research Engineer at LG Electronics Inc., On his linkedin profile, The F460L is listed as LG G3.


Thanks to XDA community, we got some stock apps of the G3 F400. A closer look at the these apps has revealed that the LG G3 F400L is code-named as G2_2560X1440, and there is a different model with code name G3.


So far we have not found any different between the LG F400L and LG F460L model, we will let you know if we find something new.

Stay tuned!