How to unbrick/restore Sprint or Boost Mobiole LG G STYLO LS770 back to Stock

In this guide, We will show you how to unbrick/restore LG LS770 back to stock with LG UP.

Your LG LS770 is soft bricked, You can boot your LS770 into download mode.

Using the LG UP dev software’s Partition DL feature to flash the Laf, boot, system, and factory partitions onto LG LS770.

  1. Download and Install LG USB drivers
  2. LG UP for Developer
  3. LG UP DLL for LG LS770
  4. LS770ZV5, ZV7, ZV8 or ZV9 firmware

First, You need to dump the laf partition from your LG LS770 with our TOOl and let us check the exactly software version of your phone.

In this guide, The Phone is with LS770ZV8 firmware, But the LG UP shows it is with ZV5.  So when you try to flash the ZV5 firmware, the LG UP will stuck on 4% Or 9% and prompts you an error message. In this case, we need to use LG UP dev to download the laf,aboot,factory, modem and system partitions onto the LS770. When it is 100%. Reboot your phone. You will have your LS770 back to live.

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