How to transfer files between LG converse and Computer

How do i transfer/download pictures from my computer to my LG converse (LG An272) cell Phone.

First, You need to have a micro SD card inserted into your phone.

Second, the “USB Mass Storage” feature allows you to mount your cell phone as a removable disk, So that you can access the device memory/storage from your computer.

To enable USB Mass Storage mode on LG converse (LG An272):

Home Screen-> Application-> Settings–>Touch USB Mass Storage – Touch On to enable the USB Mass storage mode.

Now. Connect your LG converse (LG An272) to computer via USB Cable. You should use your computer’s desktop explorer to copy and paste files between your cell phone and PC.

If you fail to establish USB connection, please try to download and install the latest lg usb drivers ver. 3.8.1

Wish this helps.