How to set up Knock Code on LG G Pro 2, LG L40, L70 and L90

“Knock code” is a new features comes with LG G Pro 2, LG L40, L70 and L90 series smart phones. It is a new way to unlock lock screen by tapping divided 4 split screen.

To Set up Knock Code on your Phone:

Step 1, From Home Screen->Option menu -> Lock screen settings>
Step 2, Select screen lock -> Knock Code


There are 4 divided rectangle touch pad for setting knock code.
Create your knock code through a combination of position and order
Please notes that the Minimum digit of code is 2 and maximum is 8.

Using Knock code to unlock screen:

**If enter wrong knock code 6 times, knock code is not available any more. In this time, should unlock using PIN number or Google account.

When display turns off, tap knock code that you set. Without turning on using power key, display turns on and unlock are performed. Regardless of the location or size of 4 divided area, unlock is available.

When lock screen turns on, tap code in the area for knock code to Lock Your Device.

If enter wrong knock code 5 times, “Wrong knock code entered 5 times” warning message will pop up and “forgot knock code” button in bottom right will be displayed.


Wish this Helps!