How to set text message signature on LG Freedom

[update] LG Optimus L9 smart phone users, Please download LG Optimus L9 Manual here. In the User manual, You can find instructions on how to set text message signature on LG Optimus L9 (P769)

LG Freedom (AKA LG UN272) is one of the latest basic phone released by U.S. Cellular in recent. As a basic phone, the LG Freedom does not allow to installed any apps (such as the Gosms Android app) which enable you to set up the text message signatures.

Do not worry, The LG Freedom cell phone features text message signature. Here it is the easy step to follow:

1) From Home screen, Tap “Message”
2) Tap Message Settings
3) Scroll download the message setting sub menu
4) You will see the Signature (On/ Off) menu
Allows you to create/edit a signature and choose to automatically send it with your messages
5) Tap to enable text message signature

Is it easy? Wish this helps!

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