How to set text message signature on lg doubleplay

lg doubleplay text message signature,

LG doubleplay also known as LG C729 has been released by T-mobile for a While. In recent, I noticed that some LG doubleplay users is looking a instruction on how to set text message signature on lg doubleplay.

The T-mobile LG doubleplay (LG C729) is a smart phone powered by Android™ 2.3 operating system. The default text messaging application that is included with the T-mobile LG doubleplay (LG C729) smartphone doesn’t support automatic text message signatures. However, you can download and install Handcent to enable this capability.

To set text message signature on lg doubleplay:

1) Download and install the Handcent SMS for Android. with your phone.


Open Google Play Store and search for Handcent. Download, install, then open the handcent sms Application.

2) Tap the Menu button.

3) Select Settings.

4) Scroll down and select Send message settings.

5) From Send message settings, Tap “Enable Signature”.

6) Tap ‘Personal Signature’, Type in the text message signature you wish to use.

7) Tao Ok.

A text message signature will now be appended to all the messages you send from your lg doubleplay as long as you use Handcent SMS to send them.

Also, You can set the hand sms as the default SMS application on your lg doubleplay c729 smart phone by:

Handcent Application-> Menu-> Settings->Application settings->default messaging application-> SMS

Using handcent sms as messaging application to enable text message signature should works on most LG Android Smart phones.

Need help for handcent sms? Check handcent sms official support.