How to Root LG G3 with One Click Root tool

This is the LG G3 rooting guide shared by hoangnova from

1) This rooting guide works for the korea version of LG G3 (F400K/L/S), Might works for D855.
2) Not works for the US version of LG G3 with a locked bootloader.

What You need:

1) Download and install LG USB Drivers
2) Download

To root your LG G3:

1. Install LG Universal Mobile Driver
2. Enable USB Debuging on Your LG G3

Setting -> About phone -> Software infomation -> tap 7 times on Build number
Go back Setting -> Developer options -> check to enable USB debugging mode

3. Connnect computer to LG G3 with USB Cable

4. Extract the just downloaded to “c:\lgtool”

5. Open Command Prompt, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click

6. From command promopt screen, navigate to “c:\lgtool”, Run Run.bat and then press any key to go to Recovery

7. On Android system recovery (3e) screen, Chose apply update from ADB in recovery

8. Then press any key from command window

9. press reboot

Now Your G3 is rooted.