How to Restore / unbrick LG LS740 -[back to Stock]

To Restore or unbrick Your LG LS70 smart phone:

What you need:

1)LG LS740 Firmware ZV3 or LG LS740 Firmware ZV4
Unzip password: LS740~!3301zv4&2016*
2)Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe and LGLS740_20140414_LGFLASHv160.dll
*This zip package includes the DLL and LGFlsashTool 1.8.1
4)LG USB Drivers

LS740 setting


To unbrick / restore LG LS740 by flashing Stock Firmware, follow below guide:

  1. Install LG USB Drviers
  2. Install  LG Flashtool 1.8.1 at “C:\LG\LGFlashtool”
  3. Copy MegaLock.dll file to “C:\LG\LGFlashtool “
  4. Power off your Phone & or pull battery
  5. Press and hold the Vol UP Key and plug in the USB cable to your phone you should now see “Firmware Update/Download Mode” and be in Download mode.
  6. Setting up USB ports to Port 41

Open up Device Manger on your PC
Click on ports and double click LGEModem
Go to Port Settings Tab and click Advanced
Change COM Port to COM41 and click Okay.
After this you may need to reboot your phone back into download mode.

7.Run LG Flashtool,Select Manual Mode at the top
8.Click The DLL Box and choose the DLL file from Above meant for your device
9.Click the S/W box and select the firmware file with the .tot extension, Then Click OK when done.
10. Now Click the Yellow Arrow Button (Start download button) at the top left, Waiting for the CRC check process.
11. When The Flash tool is ready, unplug and replug phone, The Flash Tool will automatically begin Flash process.
12, About 4-8 Minutes later, Flash is complete, the phone will automatically boot.