How to Unbrick Verizon LG G5 VS987 and Restore Stock Firmware

What you need:

To Flash LG VS987 firmware with LG UP:

  • Install USB drivers
  • Install LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23.msi
  • Install LG UP
    * I Install it in “C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\” folder.
  • On your PC, Go C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP\model
  • Create a new directory – G5
  • Go C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\G5
  • Copy and paste the LGUP_VS987.DLL intoC:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\G5 folder
  • Download, unzip it and run the s987.reg
  • Reboot your phone and PC
  • Connect your phone to PC, and run the LG UP, Wait until the LG UP detect your G5 VS987
  • If LG UP can not find your phone, just put your phone into download mode and run the LG UP again.
  • Now LG UP find your phone. From LG UP screen, Click BIN and choose the VS98714A.kdz
  • Click start to flash the firmware.
  • wait until the LG UP finish the process.