How to reset T-mobile LG Optimus L9 (LG-P769)

Hard reset LG-P769, T-mobile LG Optimus L9 factory default settings.

Hi, T-mobile LG Optimus L9(LG p769) users, if you experience any problems with your LG P769, you Should refer to the LG-P769 user guide to find possible solutions.

First, Backup important data, such as contacts, accounts settings, media files and etc.
Second, reboot your device into “Safe mode’ to remove those apps recent installed which may cause the problems.
Guides on using ‘Safe mode” to trouble shoot LG P769 cell phone problems.

Performing a hard reset on your LG P769 is always the last resort to solve kinds of problems!

Already backup your device and ready to reset your LG P769 to its factory default settings?

LG Optimus L9 (LG-P769) Hard reset instructions:

To reset LG-P769 via Settings

To perform a factory reset via settings, follow below instructions:

From Home screen

Tap Settings > PERSONAL

Tap Backup & reset


Tap Factory data reset – Erases all data on the phone.

To reset LG Optimus L9 (LG-P769) with button & keys:

NOTE: If you perform a Hard Reset, all user applications and user data will be deleted.Please remember to back up any important data before performing a Hard Reset.

1. Power off LG-P769.

2. Press and hold Volume Down Key + Home Key + Power/Lock Key for 8 seconds .

3. Your device will perform a factory reset and reboot.