How to reset LG Converse (LG AN272)

LG Converse hard reset, LG An272 Master reset, LG Converse (LG AN272) reset instructions.

If your LG Converse (LG AN272) device freezes or does not start, You may try to perform a hard reset to solve the problems.

How do I reset my LG Converse (LG AN272) to tis factory default settings? Follow below simple step by step guide to reset your LG Converse (LG AN272) manually.

1. Touch menu-an272.

2. Touch Settings an272 settings.

3. Touch Phone Settings and Security.

4. Enter the four-digit Lock Code.

5. Touch Master Reset.

6. Touch OK.

7. A message will pop up that says “All settings will revert to factory default.”

8. Touch Revert or Cancel.

9. If you touch Revert, enter the four-digit Lock Code. The phone returns to the configuration default.

Note, The default lock code is the last four digit of your phone number.