How to recover your LG Intuition VS950 data

Those LG Intuition VS950 users who experience the LG Intuition VS950 Software Update “VS95011B” Issues can recover the device data with the following instructions:

If your Intuition was impacted by the software update, you may take the following steps to recover your data. Recovery process may take 30-60 minutes depending on internet speed and your windows machine.

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LG Intuition VS950 Software update instructions: , Upgrade Assistant Tool instructions for Windows users.

1. Plug-in your LG Intuition (VS950) to a PC with internet connectivity
2. When prompted for the user consent, accept to proceed with SUA tool installation
3. Once the tool is installed, click on the tool icon in the system tray of your windows machine.
4. Click the Upgrade button to recover your device

This software update is no longer being sent. If your Intuition was impacted and you were issued a replacement device, your device will not be updated again with the same software update.