How to manually Upgrade T-mobile LG G5 H830 to Android Oreo

How can I update my LG G5 H830 Android version to Oreo?

There are 3 ways to install Android Oreo onto LG G5 H830 from T-mobile.

  1. Use LG Bridge
  2. Use LG UP
  3. Using TWRP

How to upgrade LG G5 H830 to Android Oreo with LG Bridge

Step 1, Download and Install LG Bridge

LG Bridge for Windows LGBridge_Setup.exe

LG Birdge for Mac: LGBridge_Mac.dmg

Step, 2, Connect your phone to PC via USB cable, and run the LG Bridge software,! LG Bridge tool will detect the latest Oreo software and automatically install it.


How to upgrade LG G5 H830 to Android Oreo with LG UP

Step 1, Download and install LG USB drivers

Step 2, Download and install LG UP Software 

Step 3, Download the Uppercut.exe from XDA forum

Step 4, Download the v30c firmware for LG G5 H830

Step 5, Run the Uppercut.exe first and then connect your phone to PC

Step 6, Run the LGUP Software, it will automatically detect the current software version of your phone.

Step 7. From LG UP main screen, Click bin/file to select the H83030C.kdz you just downloaded, and select Upgrade, Click start to upgrade your phone.

Need guide in details, please follow this guide on xda forum!


Learn how to install Oreo On LG G5 H830 using TWRP, PLEASE visit this guide.


Enjoy Android Oreo on your LG G5 H830,. if you need further assistance, please contact us at [email protected]