How to fix LG G2 KNOCK ON NOT WORKING issue

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How to access hidden menu on LG G2

3845#*802# (for International model)
3845#*801# (for T-Mobile)
3845#*800# (for AT&T)
5689#*980# – (for Sprint )
3845#*9804# – ( Verizon ) not tested
Other models, please use 3845#*YOUR-MODEL-NUMBER#

Some LG G2 Users said that even a hard reset can not fix the “KNOCK ON NOT WORKING” issue.

Step 1,

Make sure feature is turned on, go to settings > general > gestures > knock on
Turn on the Knock on feature.

Step 2,

Try motion sensor calibration, go to the settings, general > gestures > motion sensor calibration.

If you still can not fixed the issue, Go Step 3

Step 3,

If you lost the “knock on” function on your LG G2 after you flashed a custom firmware or made a modification to your system.
Please run an all auto test from the hidden menu on your LG G2:

Dial 3845#*802# -> Device Test -> AATFull (All Auto Test-Full).

After the device test,

Dial 3845#*802# > setting > update touch firmware

Notes, please change the 802 to your LG G2 Model Number.

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