How to fix LG G2 KNOCK ON NOT WORKING issue

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How to access hidden menu on LG G2

3845#*802# (for International model)
3845#*801# (for T-Mobile)
3845#*800# (for AT&T)
5689#*980# – (for Sprint )
3845#*9804# – ( Verizon ) not tested
Other models, please use 3845#*YOUR-MODEL-NUMBER#

Some LG G2 Users said that even a hard reset can not fix the “KNOCK ON NOT WORKING” issue.

Step 1,

Make sure feature is turned on, go to settings > general > gestures > knock on
Turn on the Knock on feature.

Step 2,

Try motion sensor calibration, go to the settings, general > gestures > motion sensor calibration.

If you still can not fixed the issue, Go Step 3

Step 3,

If you lost the “knock on” function on your LG G2 after you flashed a custom firmware or made a modification to your system.
Please run an all auto test from the hidden menu on your LG G2:

Dial 3845#*802# -> Device Test -> AATFull (All Auto Test-Full).

After the device test,

Dial 3845#*802# > setting > update touch firmware

Notes, please change the 802 to your LG G2 Model Number.

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  1. I fix my lg g2 knock on by setting the proximity sensor to 550.
    Never have knock knock problem anymore

  2. Edit: Problem Came Back. The steps below work, but only temporarily.

    The hidden menu needed to update touch firmware is not included on LG G2 VS980, but you can install a custom version that someone made.
    When you call ##228378 you only get a limited menu

    After soing the following, the dead spot a strip accross the top 3rd of my screen was gone and Knock-on function returned!

    1-Root phone using “Stump Root” and “SuperSU” apps, reboot
    2-used “ES File Explorer” to copy HiddenMenu.apk to the system/app folder and set its permissions to “rw- –r –r”
    3-Download and open Terminal Emulator app.
    4-First line type su, then hit enter
    5-Type this: “am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.lge.hiddenmenu/com.lge.hiddenmenu.HiddenMenu” and hit enter

    HiddenMenu.apk can be downloaded here:

    I got all of this info here:

  3. I have LG G2 Android 4.4.2 double tap only works on the lock, but unlock can only with button what the problem?

  4. I’ve followed the steps up until starting the Device Test, but it’s now on an apparently endless loop restarting. It shows the LG logo for a couple seconds, screen goes off (supposedly restarting), then back with the logo again…

    Does anybody knows how to stop the test? I’ve tried forcing a switch off, but when I turn it on it comes back again…


  5. Hi, I have the rogers lg g2 and knock code is not working i tried 3845#*802# and it says connect problem or invalid mmi code.

  6. It shows, OTG Failed.
    What does that mean????
    The knock code for locking the phone is working however its nbot the case in unlocking.
    What could be the possible resolution????
    Please help me _/_

  7. Hi there, I tried to update the touch firmware on both 4.2 and 4.4 stock rom but it didn’t work. Do you have any other solutions? My G2 is D801 with T-Mobile stock rom.

  8. It seems that the hidden menu app on Verizon LG G2 is different.
    Verizon has removed many hidden menu options on G2 VS980 handset.

  9. I dont see an option for Settings. After following these instructions my options are:
    Field Tests, Device Security, W2BI – Test Setting, and CMAS TestMessage. My LG G2 just started doing this. Knock On doesnt work, knock Off does.

  10. I had 3 issues: knock on wouldn’t work (knock off would), notification pull down would “pulsate” when I tried opening it, and the keyboard would lag. Step 3 helped with the notification and keyboard lag, but my knock on still won’t work. It’s very annoying…

    FYI – I have a locked Canadian Rogers LG G2 D803 on 4.4.2.

  11. exact same as this guy, except im on bell and my phone is unlocked. Worked perfectly! thanks very much

  12. ##7764726980 Dial;

    enter the code: 000000

    You should see the hidden menu,

    from hidden menu-go settings-update touch firmware

    I do not have vs980 at hand, so i can not test it, please tell me if works or not!

  13. Thanks! It worked for me on a Canadian Rogers phone. Oddly, the knock to sleep worked, but not to wake! So I tried your Step 3 and the reset part worked. D803 on 4.4.2.

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    if this guide do helps you! :-) haah

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