How to Factory Reset the LG G Watch (LG-W100)

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If you are experiencing issues with your G watch, you might want to perform a Factory Reset which will reset the G Watch to Factory default settings.

The reset process on G watch is a little different than any Android smartphone,follow our guides below how to reset your LG G watch.

To reset G watch with menu settings:

1) TAP the screen to wake the watch.
2) TAP anywhere in the background on the screen.You will see a white screen with a red G in the top right hand corner, TAP the red G.
3) Scroll to SETTINGS and TAP settings.
4) Scroll to RESET DEVICE and TAP reset device.


[Update] To reset G watch with Reset Button.

Using a pen, paperclip, or a SIM tool, PRESS the reset button on the back for two seconds and then You can see the settings screen, select RESET DEVICE on the screen of the watch. You can find said reset button just above the five charging contacts when you turn over the watch.




There are two ways to do it.

Method 1, from the system UI

Step 1) Select ‘Settings’.
Step 2) Select ‘Reset device’.
Step 3) Touch ‘Check Symbol’ button to confirm you choice.

Method 2, From the Hidden menu

Step 1) Slide touch from bottom side (out of display) to top side.
Step 2) Select ‘Factory Reset’.
Step 3) Select ‘Factory Reset’.
Step 3) Select ‘OK’.


Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below

Enjoy your G watch.

Thanks Jack for this guide!

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