LG G watch Tips: How to enter recovery mode

How to Wipe Data/Factory Reset G watch from Recovery mode? How to find out my G watch Serial Number?

Here you are a simple step by step guide on how to enter recovery mode on G watch.

To boot LG G watch into recovery mode:

1) PRESS and HOLD the reset button on the back of the device for approximately 8 seconds or until the LG logo appears

2) When the LG logo appears, swipe from the top left of the watch to the bottom right (diagonal swipe).


3) Now you will see a screen shows like below:


You can see the serial number, HW version, bootloader version and etc in this screen.

4) Select fastboot mode, by PRESSING the right arrow twice to enter into G watch recovery mode.


5) From the recovery mode screen, You can choose to reboot G watch, Apply Update from ADB, Wipe Data/ Factory reset and Wipe Cache.

If you have any questions, please let us know..