(UPDATED) How to enable/disable VoLTE on T-Mobile LG G3

Update at the bottom of the article

After playing around with the LG G3 which is my daily driver on T-Mobile, I found in the hidden menu that the T-Mobile LG G3 indeed supports VoLTE, but its not official yet by T-Mobile. so you will be able to enable/disable it only at the hidden menu, Currently T-Mobile has around 5 phones which supports officially VoLTE and most probably the LG G3 will be the next phone to support it.

To enable/disable VoLTE:
Open dialer
Dial 3845#*851#
Scroll down to LTE
Click modem
Now click the VoLTE and in there you will find a option to enable or disable
Take note that the phone needs to perform a restart to take effect.

How to turn on VoLTE on T-Mobile G3

Most of all as its not official yet and as T-Mobile doesn’t cover yet all areas with VoLTE the phone might actually not work on VoLTE even its enabled.

If you enabled it and you made a call on VoLTE let’s us know in the comments below where you live and how it worked.

Will keep all of you T-Mobile LG G3 customers know once T-Mobile makes it official until than enjoy our workaround and spread the word!

UPDATE: We reached out to T-Mobile regarding VoLTE for the LG G3, T-Mobile was kind enough to confirm with us that the LG G3 will be getting VoLTE very soon with the next update.

3 thoughts on “(UPDATED) How to enable/disable VoLTE on T-Mobile LG G3”

  1. I just installed the latest software update on my TMobile G3 yesterday September 10 and there is no VoLTE settings or support added. I don’t notice any changes at all to be honest.

  2. Mine worked out of the box with VoLTE, I got it about a month ago. I’ve only JUST received an OTA update within the last few minutes and i’ve yet to figure on what the update does (it’s still installing).

  3. This will not work. The G3 (or other phone) will need a software update to support VoLTE. The G3 in the US is not getting the update yet.

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