How to check the Anti-rollback version of LG Aristo MS210 kdz firmware

Before downgrading your LG Aristo MS210 firmware to an older version, you need to check the Anti-rollback (aka Qfuse) Version of your phone’s current software and the kdz firmware you want to flash.

If the ARB (Anti-rollback) Version of your phone’s current software is equal to the ARB Version in the KDZ firmware to be flashed, then you can downgrade your LG Aristo MS210 phone. After the downgrade process, The Anti-rollback version won’t change.

Why need a downgrade?

The latest software for LG Aristo MS210 is software version MS21011C, it includes the December 2018 Android Security Patches. Some Bypass Google FRP Tricks do not work on LG MS210 with the December 2018 Security Patch. After downgrading from MS21011C to MS21010g or other older versions, You can follow this Video guide to bypass google frp on LG MS210 with Security Patch before April 1st, 2017.


security patch Levl: 2018-12-01

Anti-rollback Version: ARB00



security patch Levl: 2017-01-01

Anti-rollback Version: ARB00


To check the Anti-rollback version of LG Aristo MS210 kdz firmware

  • Open the KDZ firmware (ms21011c for example) with Winhex or other hex editors
  • Search for “ARB0”
  • Now You can see LGMS210AT-00-V11c-MPCS-US-DEC-05-2018-ARB00+0
  • ARB00 is the anti-rollback index of the kdz firmware.

*Note this method does not work on all LG devices kdz firmwares.

Your phone’s current software is version MS21011c and its Anti-rollback index is ARB00,  Since the MS21010g firmware’s Anti-rollback index is ARB00 too, You can downgrade your phone from MS21011c to ms21010g with LGUP.

Learn how to downgrade MetroPCS LG Aristo MS210 from MS21011c to ms21010g here.