How to access the Sprint G Flex LS995 Hidden Menu

You can access the hidden menu of your G Flex LS995 to run All Auto Test if you exprience any issues with your G flex LS995.

Also you can access the hidden menu so that to change some settings, such as change to LTE only mode.

The Secret code to access hidden menu on LG G Flex LS995 is different.

Dial 5689#*995# , You will access the hidden menu on G Flex.

How to Troubleshoot Problems Using the hidden menu on LG G Flex (LS995).

1. Dialer 5689#*995# ->
2. Select Device Test ->
3. Press Power Button & Select AATFULL(+power key) ->
4. Select All Auto Test – Full.

The “995” is Sprint G Flex model number, I just test the code on Sprint G Flex, I am not sure if the secret code works on other G Flex model variants.


You can also go hidden menu -> settings to set up network, GPS, WI-fi, and etc
Please be careful, Do not change any settings if you do not know what it is exactly!