HongKong LG V30 H930DS January 2019 Security Patch Update: H93021W

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The latest firmware for HongKong LG V30 H930DS is software version H93021W.

LG official is rolling out the January 2019 security patch update for the HongKong Version of the LG V30, namely the LG 930DS with buyer suffix HKG.

HongKong LG V30 H930DS Firmware Update

The details:

Software version: H93021W

Security Patch Level: January 2019

Model: LG V30 H930DS (HKG)

What is changing?

Security updates from Google have been included in this update.

According to LG official, The LG V30 H930DS firmware update builds H93021W is just a minor maintenance Update with the latest Android Security Patch.

The Update update is currently rolling over the air, Now you can Go to your phone Settings > General > About phone > Update Center. Then tap on System updateCheck for update. to check if the Update is available for your phone.

You can also download and install LG Bridge and use LG Bridge to upgrade your LG V30 H9320 with the latest software version H93021W.

Download HongKong LG V30 H930DS Firmware – Oreo


Model: LGH930DS

Suffix: AHKGSV

Buyer: HKG

Software Version: H93021W_00

OS Version: O

File Name: H930DS21w_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0121.kdz

KDZ File size: 3224151790


Download HongKong LG V30 H930DS Firmware – Android Nougat NMR2


Model: LGH930DS

Suffix: AHKGSV

Buyer: HKG

Software Version: H93011M_00

OS Version: NMR2

File Name: H930DS11m_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_1229.kdz

KDZ File size: 3568020987



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