G900TM12g: T-mobile LG Velvet 5G software update with December 2020 Security Patch

T-mobile LG Velvet 5G LMG900TM (LM-G900TM, G900TM) software update

LGUP DLL for LG Velvet 5G Smartphone.

The LG Velvet 5G under model number LMG900TM is now receiving a new update from T-Mobile.

Sadly, T-mobile official has not posted the changelog in detail of this Update.

ModelBuyer SuffixBuyer/CarrierLast Update Date

According to our sources, the update arrives as software version G900TM12g and includes the December 1 2020 Android security patches.

The update is now going out over the air, and several LG Velvet users have already received it on their LG Velvet 5G smartphone.

Now You can manually check for the update by going into Settings > General tab > Update center > System update > Check for update.

Starting December 21, T-mobile LG Velvet 5G LMG900TM users can use the LG Bridge to upgrade their devices to software version G900TM12g!

LG official has already released the T-mobile LG Velvet 5G LMG900TM Stock ROM/Firmware builds G900TM12g and made it available for download!

Need to download LG Velvet Stock KDZ ROM? Now You can grab it from the below links.

Download T-mobile LG Velvet 5G LMG900TM Stock Firmware / ROM


Model: LMG900TM, LM-G900TM, G900TM

Buyer Suffix:TMO

Carrier: T-mobile

Software Version: G900TM12g

OS Version: Android 10 Q

File Name:G900TM12g_00_NA2_US_OP_1208.kdz

Download: http://lgegdmswdl.s.llnwi.net/dn/downloader.dev?downloader.dev?fileKey=FW10GOADE2JNAVP5E009UCA/G900TM12g_00_NA2_US_OP_1208.kdz

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3.LG Bridge

Download LGUP DLL for T-mobile LG Velvet LMG900TM


DLL Version:

The DLL is used for an LG Velvet 5G smartphone with Android 10 Q OS


How to install LGUP DLL for T-mobile LG Velvet LMG900TM

Unzip LGUP_Velvet_T-mobile-G900TM[Ver.].zip, and you will get LGUP_Velvet_T-mobile-G900TM[Ver.].dll

Rename LGUP_Velvet_T-mobile-G900TM[Ver.].dll.dll into LGUP_common.dll

Put the LGUP_common.dll into the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\Common