LG Optimus L7 (LGP705) Official Firmware

This is a list of latest official firmware for LG Optimus L7 (LG L7, LG P705) released in New Zealand and Australia: New Zealand: Carrier: Vodafone Model: LG P706 Firmware: v10g_00 Download: Hxxp://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WDLSW/LGP705/AVNZBK/v10g_00/V10G_00.kdz Australia: Carrier:Optus Model: LGP705GO Firmware: V10e_00 Download: hXXp://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WDLSW/LGP705GO/AOPTBK/V10e_00/V10E_00.kdz Carrier:Optus Model: LGP705 Firmware: V10e_00 Download: hXXp://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WDLSW/LGP705/AOPTBK/V10e_00/V10E_00.kdz If you are in need of the … Read moreLG Optimus L7 (LGP705) Official Firmware

LG VS920 Firmware Build VS920ZV9 Download

[Update] The latest software update for LG VS920 is VS920ZV9_02 From VZW Official Support website here, You can find the Benefits of Software Upgrade and Software Update Instructions. To Download the VS920ZV9, THE Stock ROM / Firmware for Verzion Wireless LG VS920: VS920ZV9_02.S9_02.P58020.R5.cab If you can not update your device via OTA, You can download … Read moreLG VS920 Firmware Build VS920ZV9 Download

LG Viper ICS update issues- No firmware update available?

“No firmware update available” issue? “The update was pushed to my phone on the 1st, but it didn’t stick for some reason. Now my phone says there’s no firmware update available. Anyone else experiencing this sort of problem?” “I have had the same issue today. the people at customer service (phone) have as of right … Read moreLG Viper ICS update issues- No firmware update available?

LG Viper firmware update LS840ZVI_02

Sprint and LG has release the “LS840ZVI” (revision 02) firmware update on 11/1/2012. If you fail to update your device via OTA, You can update your LG Viper firmware to LS840ZVI by LG mobile Support Tools now. 1)Please make sure you have backup your device first. 2)Go to Settings > Applications > Development. Select USB … Read moreLG Viper firmware update LS840ZVI_02

LGP705F and LGP920H for Brazil firmware update

The model LGP705F released in Brazil receives the firmware update “V10a” (revision 05_3). The model LGP920H receives the “V20a” (revision 00_2) firmware update. You should receive the software update notice from your carrier or LG mobile Support Tools. LGP705F users, If your device ‘s current software version is “V10a” (revision 05_3, Your device firmware is … Read moreLGP705F and LGP920H for Brazil firmware update

Firmware Update for LGE615,LGP705G, LGE400G, LGP895QB

The LGE615 released in Algeria receive its the “V10d” firmware update (Revision:00_1) The LGP705G released in Argentina receive its “V10a” Firmware Update (Revision 06_03), while the LGE400G Users in Argentina start to have the “V10c” Update (Revision:00-3); Brazil LGP895QB User now able to the update the device firmware to “V10a” (Revision 00_1). If you live … Read moreFirmware Update for LGE615,LGP705G, LGE400G, LGP895QB

LG Optimus Select (AS730) firmware update “AS73011a_01”

The LG Optimus Select AS730 android smart phone will receive the firmware update “AS73011a_01”. The last update “AS73010b_01” was released in Sep. 2012. Please check your LG Optimus Select (AS730) software, if your device current firmware version is “AS73010b_01”, you will need to download and install the LG mobile Support tool to update your device … Read moreLG Optimus Select (AS730) firmware update “AS73011a_01”

Sprint LG Optimus G – LGLS970 – Firmware update ‘LS970ZV8″

What is the model number for Sprint LG Optimus G? What is the latest firmware version for the Sprint LG optimus G? 2012-11-07, The Official model number for LG Optimus G for Sprint is LGLS970! The Firmware update “LS970ZV8”, revision “00_1″ has been released by LG Official. The Latest Firmware for Sprint LG Optimus G(LGls970) … Read moreSprint LG Optimus G – LGLS970 – Firmware update ‘LS970ZV8″

VerizonWireless LG Lucid VS840ZV7 software update

This “VS840ZV7” software update for VerizonWireless LG Lucid will upgrade your device to Android 4.0 ICS. Verizon Wireless has released the “VS840ZV7” update OTA. If you missed the pushed update from verizon wireless, you can choose to download and install LG Mobile support tool to update your LG Lucid Software. 1) Download LG Mobile support … Read moreVerizonWireless LG Lucid VS840ZV7 software update