F100N10x: LG WING 5G Firmware Update with Dec. Security Patch

The LG WING 5g F100N is getting a new software update in South Korea.

The update arrives as software version F100N10X and includes the December 2020 Android Security patch.

Here is the changelog:

-S/W Version: F100N10x (LG U+) (12/7)
-S/W Version: F100N10x (KT) (12/7)
-S/W Version: F100N10x (SKT) (12/7)
-S/W Version: F100N10x (Self-sufficient) (12/7)

1)Fingerprint recognition security is reinforced.

If tempered glass with a protrusion pattern or a thick protective film is attached, the fingerprint recognition function may not work properly. After removing the protective film from the product, re-register the fingerprint to use the fingerprint recognition function.

2)Fixed a problem where the URL was cut off or the link could not be connected in the text advertisement message preview.

3)Mobile phone security has been strengthened with regular Google security updates.

Download LG WING 5G Firmware F100N10x

  • Software Version: F100N10X_00
  • Carrier Suffix: LGT
  • OS Version: Android 10 Q
  • Size: 5.58GB
  • File name: F100N10x_00_COM_KR_OP_1218.kdz
  • Download: http://lgegdmswdl.s.llnwi.net/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FWA9HFDDE2R4A2F3A989T0F/F100N10x_00_COM_KR_OP_1218.kdz

How to download LG WING 5G Firmware

  • Download and Install XDM download manager
  • Copy http://lgegdmswdl.s.llnwi.net/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=FWA9HFDDE2R4A2F3A989T0F/F100N10x_00_COM_KR_OP_1218.kdz
  • Start a new Download JOB in XDM download manager