Firmware Update

European LG G5 H850 received its First Software Update: H85010C

European LG G5 H850 received its first Software Update: H85010C.

Checking LG G5 software version and Update history, Download ALL LG G5 Stock Firmware, Click here

Visit to download LG G5 H850 firmware with IMEI.

Visit to download the older version firmware for your phone with IMEI

Below You can download the firmware for LG G5 H850 Open Europe.


Model Suffix Version OS File Name Size Download
LGH850 GBR H85010I MMR1 H85010i_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0923.kdz 2.30GB Download
LGH850 GBR H85020V N H85020v_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0323.kdz 2.43GB Download
LGH850 GBR H85030F O H85030f_00_OPEN_EU_OP_1122.kdz 2.45GB Download

LGUP DLL for LG G5 (all model here] LGUP_Common_DLL_Ver_1_0_28_5.msi


Download LG G5 H85010C Europe Open Google Drive Mirror

The Stock KDZ firmware for LG H850 build V10c is no longer available for download from LG official website

How to unbrick/restore LG G5 H850 back to stock [V10C for example]

Do not try to downgrade your LG G5 H850 if you do not know the Anti-rollback version of your phone and the kdz firmware to be flashed.

Prerequisites :

1. Just installed right G5 Drivers here
2. Download and install right LGUP version here (if you have installed another one remove it before)
4. download and install H850 DLL file here
5. Download right KDZ for your variant. In this case, we will use H85010c

Here we go.

Installation guide:

1. Power Off device
2. By pressing Vol Up button connect the device to your pc and wait for Download Mode screen it appears on the device
3. Start LGUP , check Bin file and select your KDZ

4. Select REFURBISH in “Process” panel
5. Close LGUP and open it again
6. click to START to begin Stock Clean Reflash
7. wait that in “Step” panel you have “Complete” status and don’t disconnect the device from pc until % is = 100%

You can upgrade your LG G5 H850 with LGUP Tool. Visit Here to download  the LG UP Tool, and Here you can find the LG UP DLL FOR LG G5 H850: