European Vodafone LG G5 H850 received its First Software Update: H85010C; KDZ Stock firmware Available for Download

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European LG G5 H850 received its first Software Update: H85010C.

Checking LG G5 software version and Update history, Download ALL LG G5 Stock Firmware, Click here
Vodafone customers in Spain, Romania,United Kingdom,Portugal,Italy and Germany can install the update through LG Bridge starting April 29.
Unbranded LG G5 H850 in Greece and Swiss also got the V10 Update.


The Stock KDZ firmware for LG H850 is available for download.  From below link, you can download the KDZ firmware for H850/VD2

LG G5 H850 Stock KDZ Firmware:

Model: H850
Verison: V10c
Country: Germany
Buyer Suffix: VD2
Download: H85010c_00_VDF_COM_OP_0415.kdz

Country: United Kingdom
Buyer suffix: VDF
Download: H85010c_00_VDF_COM_OP_0415.kdz

Europe Open v10c

So far, We can not find a tool to extract the kdz firmware.

Flashing H850 firmware with LG Flash Tool is not possible, because we can not find a valid megalock.dll

According to one LG H830 user, We can flash LG G5 stock firmware with LG UP Tool..

Here you are the LG UP Tool, and Here you can find the LG UP DLL FOR LG G5 H850:

Stay Tuned!

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