European LQ Q7 to get Android 9 Pie Update soon


LG Q7 Q610EM Android 9 Pie Update will release “soon”!

LG has just finished the test for Android 9 Pie Final Builds V20c for the LG Q7 Q610EM sold in the European Countries.

Q7 Fit LM-Q610EM

Oreo: LMQ610EMAT-V10p-EUR-XX-SEP-16-2019+0


Date: November 21, 2019


The OS Upgrade to Android Pie for the LG Q7 Q610EM is an Update from V10p to V20c.

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The European version of the LG Q7 Q610EM (aka LM-Q610EM) will get the Android 9.0 update soon.

LG is testing the Android 9 Pie Beta firmware for the LG Q7, According to our sources.

The Android 9.0 Pie beta firmware Version V19e was tested on the test model of LG Q7 which carrying the model number IOT_LM-Q610EM (IOT: Item of Test).


Android Oreo: LMQ610EMAT-V10o-EUR-XX-JUL-02-2019+0

Android Pie: LMQ610EMAT-V19e-EUR-XX-OCT-01-2019+0



Our tipster has already download the LG Q7 LMQ610EM Pie beta firmware – LMQ610EM-V10o-to-V19e.up, which is an OTA Update file from V10o to V19e.

The v10o is the last software update based on Android Oreo for the LG Q7 Q610EM, said our tipster.

As it is still a beta firmware, there are some potential bugs and issues, we will not share it here.

As per a listing in Enterprise Solutions Directory, The LG Q7 and Q7 plus with the following model numbers supports Android 9.0 Pie Update

 "LM-Q610(FGN), LM-Q617.FGN, LM-Q725K, LM-Q725L, LM-Q725S, LM-Q727L, LM-Q727S, LM-Q727K",

For your information, LG official has already released the Pie Update for the LG Q725k/L/S and LG Q727K/L/S in South Korea.

We may see the Android 9.0 Update on LG Q7 and LG Q7+ in the European countries soon.

In the U.S., there are two model variants of the LG Q7+, namely the LMQ610MA from Metro and LMQ710TA from T-mobile.

We have no idea when LG will the Pie Update for the LG Q7 plus on T-mobile.

Because the Pie firmware developed for T-mobile LG devices use a very different security signature – which makes it hard to unlock, that is why T-mobile delayed the Pie Update for LG V30.