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European LG K10 2017 (LG M250N) received a new software update

LG K10 2017 (LG M250N) software update – Download LG K10 M250N Stock kdz firmware from LG server –


Dec. 18,  LG official released a new software Update for the LG K10 2017 (M250n) smartphone.

To track the latest software Update for your LG K10 2017, please visit this page.

The European LG K10 2017 (LG M250N) today received a new software update which brings the February Google Android security patch.

The LG M250 comes with Android N 7.0 out the box, and this is the first software for the LG M250N since it’s initial release.

Model Suffix Buyer Country Live_Date
LGM250N O2U O2 GB/United Kingdom 2017/3/23
LGM250N POC POLAND COMMON PL/Poland 2017/3/20
LGM250N MBK MOBILKOM AT/Austria 2017/3/18
LGM250N TMH T-MOBILE HU/Hungary 2017/3/17
LGM250N ITC ITALY COMMON IT/Italy 2017/3/16
LGM250N DEC GERMANY COMMON DE/Germany 2017/3/7
LGM250N GBR UNITED KINGDOM GB/United Kingdom 2017/3/7
LGM250N FRA FRA FR/France 2017/3/6
LGM250N VDI VODAFONE IT/Italy 2017/3/6
LGM250N VDH VODAFONE HU/Hungary 2017/3/6
LGM250N VDR VODAFONE RO/Romania 2017/3/6
LGM250N VDS VODAFONE ES/Spain 2017/3/6
LGM250N VDF VODAFONE GB/United Kingdom 2017/3/6
LGM250N EEE EE GB/United Kingdom 2017/3/6
LGM250N ORY ORANGE EUROPE FR/France 2017/2/23

We will share with you a guide on how to upgrade/unbrick/restore LG K10 2017 (LG M250N) back to stock later.

In our guide here we will post the LG M250N stock kdz firmware and LG UP DLL for LG M250N.

Remember to bookmark our this page to track all LG K10 2017 model variants (LG-M250N, LG M250e, LGM250K and etc) software update history.