Firmware Update

LG G7 Fit Dual LMQ850EMW Firmware Update

Q850EMW10b: LG G7 Fit Dual LMQ850EMW Firmware Update

LG is rolling out a new security update for the LG G7 Fit Dual LMQ850EMW (Q850EMW) sold in European Countries.

The Update is now available via OTA and LG Bridge, Please check the below table to find out if the Update is available in your Country/Region.

In the coming few days, LG will release the Update for more LG G7 Fit variants in the European countries!

In fact, the LG G7 Fit is eligible to receive the Pie update; LG official is testing the Android Pie Beta firmware for the LG G7 Fit Q850EM.

LG G7 Fit firmware Update

October 3, 2019

Model Buyer Country Date
LMQ850EMW ORE ES/Spain 2019/10/03
LMQ850EM GBR GB/United Kingdom 2019/10/03
LMQ850EMW HUN HU/Hungary 2019/10/03
LMQ850EM VDI IT/Italy 2019/10/03
LMQ850EMW P4P PL/Poland 2019/10/03
LMQ850EMW PLS PL/Poland 2019/10/03

LG G7 Fit firmware Update

Model Buyer Country Date
LMQ850EA COL CO/Colombia 2019/08/27
LMQ850EAW MIA PA/Panama 2019/08/27
LMQ850EA CMC CO/Colombia 2019/08/20
LMQ850EA CLP PE/Peru 2019/08/13
LMQ850EMW IBR ES/Spain 2019/08/08
LMQ850EMW POC PL/Poland 2019/08/06
LMQ850EMW DEC DE/Germany 2019/08/02
LMQ850EMW NEU NO/Norway 2019/08/02
LMQ850EM TUR TR/Turkey 2019/08/02
LMQ850EMW ITC IT/Italy 2019/07/31
LMQ850FA TCL MX/Mexico 2019/07/30
LMQ850FA TPO MX/Mexico 2019/07/30
LMQ850EA CHL CL/Chile 2019/06/12
LMQ850EA ISR IL/Israel 2019/02/05
LMQ850EMW CIS 04/Cis 2019/02/01
LMQ850EAW HKG HK/Hong Kong 2019/02/01
LMQ850EMW RUS RU/Russian Federation 2019/02/01

Stock kdz firmware for all models with Buyer Suffix listed in the above table is available for download from LG official website.

What is changing:

– Security updates from Google have been included in this update.

The new firmware update is software version Q850EMW10g which includes the December 2018 Android Security Patches. It is the LG G7 Fit’s first firmware update since its launch.

Download the stock LG G7 Fit Dual LMQ850EMW Firmware





Software Version:Q850EMW10G_00

OS Version:OMR1

File Name:Q850EMW10g_00_0917.kdz

KDZ File size:3036195045

The above Q850EMW10g_00_0917.kdz is used for LMQ850EMW launched in Poland with region suffix P4P only.

If you need to download the stock kdz firmware for your LG G7 fit, please visit

If you are experiencing any issues with this firmware update, please contact us at

Download LG G7 Fit Dual LMQ850EMW Drivers