European LG G5 H850 received Android 7.0 Software Update v20a, kdz firmware available for download

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The European verison of the LG G5 H850 recently received the Android 7.0 Update which brings the LG G5 H850 software version to V20a.

update: The LG H850 users in United Arab Emirates and Austrlia should get the Android 7.0 Update too. Check below table to find out if the Android 7.0 Update is available now for your LG G5 H850 models.

LGH850 NLD NLD NL/Netherlands 2016/12/2
LGH850 PRT PORTUGAL PT/Portugal 2016/12/2
LGH850 GCC ASBT_3PIN AE/United Arab Emirates 2016/12/1
LGH850 ARE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AE/United Arab Emirates 2016/12/1
LGH850 AUS AUSTRALIA AU/Australia 2016/12/1
LGH850TR TUR TURKEY TR/Turkey 2016/12/1
LGH850 FAS FASTWEB IT/Italy 2016/12/1
LGH850 POL POLAND PL/Poland 2016/11/30
LGH850 ORP ORANGE PL/Poland 2016/11/30
LGH850 SWS Switzerland CH/Switzerland 2016/11/30
LGH850 VDP VODAFONE PT/Portugal 2016/11/28
LGH850 DEU GERMANY DE/Germany 2016/11/28
LGH850 MBK MOBILKOM AT/Austria 2016/11/25
LGH850 MTB M-TEL BG/Bulgaria 2016/11/25
LGH850 VIP VIP HR/Croatia 2016/11/25
LGH850 VDH VODAFONE HU/Hungary 2016/11/25
LGH850 ESP SPAIN ES/Spain 2016/11/24
LGH850 FRA FRA FR/France 2016/11/24
LGH850 ORF ORANGE FR/France 2016/11/24
LGH850 GBR UNITED KINGDOM GB/United Kingdom 2016/11/24
LGH850 ROM ROMANIA RO/Romania 2016/11/24
LGH850 HUN HUNGARY HU/Hungary 2016/11/24
LGH850 VD2 VODAFONE DE/Germany 2016/11/24
LGH850 ITA ITALY IT/Italy 2016/11/24

As you can see from below table, LG G5 H850 users in European countries have already received the update, The Update is now available via OTA and LG bridge, You can use LG Bridge to install the Android 7.0 update for the LG G5 H850.

The Stock kdz firmware for the LG G5 H850 is also available for download from LG Server. You can get it from below link:

*Notes, if your browser does not start the download automaticly, please use XDM 2015 (A download manager) to download the firmware. Just copy the download url ( and run the XDM 2015, from xdm 2015 main screen, click file and then new download to start the download process.

To flash the Android 7.0 firmware onto your LG G5 H850, You need to isntall LG USB Drivers, LG UP Software and LG UP DLL for LG G5 H850.

If you experience any issues with the firmware, please let us know in the comments below.

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