Dual SIM LG V40 ThinQ LMV405EBW is coming to India

The Dual SIM version of the LG V40 ThinQ is coming to India.

Several Days ago, The LG V40 ThinQ Dual (Model: LMV405RBW) received approval from the FCC.   It seems that LG India will release the LG V40 ThinQ Dual soon in early 2019.

Early rumors suggest that the LG V40 thinQ is coming to HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, and European countries.

Now we have some good news for LG V40 ThinQ Fans in India.  LG official is testing the firmware for India version of the LG V40 ThinQ Dual.

The factory version of the LG V40 India firmware is LMV405EBW-ABC-IND-XX-DEC-xx-2018+0

We believe that LG fans in India should be able to purchase the LG V40 DUAL SIM in January or February of 2019.

Stay tuned.