Download Sprint LG V40 ThinQ Android 9.0 Pie firmware V405U20A

Download Sprint LG V40 Android 9 Pie Final V20a

LG official recently tested the Android 9.0 Pie final V20a for the Sprint LG V40 ThinQ.

Thanks to our tipster – A developer at XDA forum- Now we have got the Sprint LG V40 ThinQ Android 9.0 Pie Final LMV40520a.

For your information, The file – LMV405UA3-V15d-310-to-LMV405UA3-V20a-310.up – is not a complete firmware like traditional LG firmware with KDZ or TOT file extension.

  • It is an OTA Update file that can be installed with the OTA method.
  • It is an Update from V15d to V20a, PLEASE do not try to flash this file if your phone’s current software version is not V15d.
  • It is used for the Sprint LG V40 ThinQ model only!

Model: LM-V405UA

LMV405UA3-V15d-310-120-OCT-02-2019-ARB00+0 [Oreo 8.1]

LMV405UA3-V20a-310-120-NOV-29-2019-ARB00+0 [Android 9 Pie]


Test Date:  November 29, 2019

***Important, The .up from the above link was edited by Winhex.

***We have changed some hex value in order to protect our links, please contact us at [email protected] before flash this file.

*** Do not try to flash it, ALL links from other sources can not be 100% correct.

How to manually upgrade Sprint LG V40 ThinQ to Android 9.0 Pie via OTA

1. Download LMV405UA3-V15d-310-to-LMV405UA3-V20a-310.up
2. Rename the file to LGUP_FOTA.up
3. Place the file in the root of internal storage on your LG V40 ThinQ
4. Download “Activity Launcher” from Play Store
5. Find FOTA Update
6. Hit the first option (com.lge.lgfota.permission.FotaTestActivity)
7. Follow prompts.

After the Update, The software version of your phone is V405UA and the Security Patch Level is December 1, 2019