Download LG V50 ThinQ Android 10 Beta V19b

LG V50 ThinQ Android 10 Firmware Beta V19b – European Version LMV500EM

LG official is now testing the Android 10 Beta V19b for the European Version of the LG V50 ThinQ LMV500EM.

The Android 10 Beta V19b was tested on December 3, and soon LG should release the Android 10 Final V20a for the LG V50 LMV500EM.

Model: LM-V500EM

Android Pie 9.0: LMV500EMAT-V10q-EUR-XX-OCT-18-2019+0

Android 10 Beta:LMV500EMAT-V19b-EUR-XX-DEC-03-2019+0

Size: 1735.1MB

Date: December 3, 2019

Our tipster has already download the LMV500EM-V10q-EUR-to-LMV500EM-V19b-EUR.up – which is an OTA Update file from V10q to V19b.

Now You can grab it from the below links. As it is still a beta firmware, use it at your own risks.

Download LG V50 ThinQ Android 10 Beta V19b


How to manually upgrade LG V50 ThinQ to Android 10 via OTA

1. Download LMV500EM-V10q-EUR-to-LMV500EM-V19b-EUR.up
2. Rename the file to LGUP_FOTA.up
3. Place the file in the internal storage on your LG G8 ThinQ
4. Download “Activity Launcher” from Play Store
5. Find FOTA Update
6. Hit the first option (com.lge.lgfota.permission.FotaTestActivity)
7. Follow prompts.

Thanks xda