Download LG V10 Stock KDZ firmware

Please visit LG V10 Software Updates: Checking the software version and Update history; Download V10 Stock Firmware to track the firmware update for your LG V10.

Because LG will remove old kdz firmware from its server when there is a new software Update. So most of the links are outdated, PLEASE contact us if you need to download the latest stock firmware for LG V10 smartphone.


April 20, 2016. Poland LG V10 H960A get Android 6.0 Update.

T-mobile LG V10 H901 Stock KDZ firmware H90120e available for download

LG V10 H960 Gets Android 6.0 Update in more European Countries

The Android 6.0 M Update for LG V10 is now available in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, and Norway。


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