AT&T and Sprint now host firmware on their own servers, So we can not get the kdz firmware with IMEI for AT&T,Sprint,Boost mobile and AIO LG devices.  Please contact us with your phone IMEI when you request firmware for your phone.

Please use “Ctrl+F’ to search your phone model number. and Use XDM download manager to download firmware from LG server.

Because LG has made some changes in Server settings, You can not use browser to download the firmware from LG Server directly. Check This guide for solution

Click this page to Learn how to download KDZ firmware from LG server 

Model Suffix Carrier Live Date Download
LG VS990 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/02/24 VS99026A_00_0118.kdz
LG MS631 MTP METRO PCS 2017/02/24 MS63120l_00_0203.kdz
LG H631TN TMO T-MOBILE 2017/02/24 H63120k_00_0203.kdz
LGK550BNGO1 TMO T-MOBILE 2017/2/20 Download
LGMS550 MTP METRO PCS 2017/2/20 Download
LGK550BN TMO T-MOBILE 2017/2/20 Download
LGV521WG TMO T-MOBILE 2017/2/16 Download
LGVS425LPP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/2/13 Download
LGVS425PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/2/13 Download
LGM210SV TMO T-MOBILE 2017/2/11 Download
LGMS210 MTP METRO PCS 2017/2/11 Download
LGVS500PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/2/9 N/A

LGVS810PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/2/7 Download
LGUS991 UCL U.S. Cellular 2017/2/6 Download
LGMS428 MTP METRO PCS 2017/2/6 Download
LGK428SG TMO T-MOBILE 2017/2/6 Download
LGUS375 UCL U.S. Cellular 2017/1/31 Download
LGVS986 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/31 Download
LGVK810 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/31 Download
LGVK700 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/31 Download
LGUS996 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2017/1/26 Download
LGVS987 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/26 Download
LGH811VK TMO T-MOBILE 2017/1/20 Download
LGD415RD TMO T-MOBILE 2017/1/20 Download

LGVK815 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/18 Download
LGH830SV TMO T-MOBILE 2017/1/17 Download
LGH918TN TMO T-MOBILE 2017/1/17 Download
LGUS996 USA USA 2017/1/17 Download
LGMS631 MTP METRO PCS 2017/1/13 Download
LGH631TN TMO T-MOBILE 2017/1/13 Download
LGVS995 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/10 Download
LGVS985 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/6 Download
LGVS990 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/6 Download
LGVS880PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/4 Download
LGVS880 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/4 Download
LGVS835 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2017/1/4 Download
LGUS996 UCL U.S. Cellular 2017/1/4 Download
LGMS345 MTP METRO PCS 2016/12/30 Download
LGH345KT TMO T-MOBILE 2016/12/30 Download
LGK330TNGO1 TMO T-MOBILE 2016/12/26 Download
LGK330TN TMO T-MOBILE 2016/12/26 Download
LGMS330 MTP METRO PCS 2016/12/26 Download
LGRS987 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2016/12/22 Download
LGUS992 UCL U.S. Cellular 2016/11/24 Download
LGLS992 SPR Sprint 2016/11/23 Download
LGH900 ATT ATT 2016/11/21 Download
LGVS985B VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/15 Download
LGVS985K VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/15 Download
LGVS985R VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/15 Download
LGVS985W VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/15 Download
LGVS985 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/11/15 Download
LGH901BK TMO T-MOBILE 2016/11/9 Download
LGVS500 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/11/8 Download
LGVS500 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/8 Download
LGVS425PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/8 Download
LGVS425 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/11/4 Download
LGH830SV TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2016/10/31 Download
LGVS995 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/10/25 Download
LGK330TN TMF TMUS_FRU 2016/10/24 Download
LGVS835 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/10/22 Download
LGH811VK TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2016/10/20 Download
LGVS986 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/10/18 Download
LGD415RD TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2016/10/14 Download
LGVK700 VRS VERIZON_FRU 2016/10/11 N/A
LGH345KT TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2016/10/4 Download
LGMS345 MTD METRO_DEMO_DISPLAY 2016/10/4 Download
LGD851TN TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2016/9/20 Download
LGRS988 USA USA 2016/9/20 Download
LGD851TN TMO T-MOBILE 2016/8/8 Download
LGVK410 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/6/16 Download
LGUK410 UCL U.S. Cellular 2016/5/19 Download
LGAS990 BPS BRIGHTPOINT 2016/5/13 Download
LGAS990 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2016/5/13 Download
LGUS990 UCL U.S. Cellular 2016/4/25 Download
LGAS991 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2016/2/10 Download
LGVS990W VRZ Verizon Wireless 2016/1/20 Download
LGUS550 UCL U.S. Cellular 2016/1/7 Download
LGAS985 BPS BRIGHTPOINT 2015/12/14 Download
LGVS880K VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/12/8 Download
LGVS880SS VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/12/8 Download
LGAS995 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2015/11/16 Download
LGVS980 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/11/5 Download
LGV700 USA USA 2015/10/20 N/A
LGV400 USA USA 2015/10/16 Download
LGD321 AIO AIO 2015/10/13 Download
LGV496TK TMO T-MOBILE 2015/10/12 Download
LGVS450PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/10/8 Download
LGVS415PP VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/10/6 Download
LGD959TS TMO T-MOBILE 2015/10/6 Download
LGVS876 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/10/6 Download
LGD801BK TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2015/10/5 Download
LGD801BK TMO T-MOBILE 2015/10/5 Download
LGMS395 MTP METRO PCS 2015/10/2 Download
LGMS323 MTK METRO_FRU 2015/10/1 Download
LGMS323 MTP METRO PCS 2015/10/1 Download
LGUK495 UCL U.S. Cellular 2015/9/25 Download
LGVS890 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2015/9/25 Download
LGAS985 BPT BRIGHTPOINT 2015/9/16 Download
LGD801BK TMF TMUS_FRU 2014/11/18 Download
LGD959TS TMZ T-MOBILE_DEMOUNIT 2014/11/17 Download
LGMS323 MTK METRO_FRU 2014/9/29 Download
LGMS769 MTP METRO PCS 2014/4/17 Download
LGMS500 MTP METRO PCS 2014/4/8 Download
LGMS840V MTP METRO PCS 2014/2/3 Download
LGD520BK TMO T-MOBILE 2013/12/16 Download
LGVS870 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2013/12/12 Download
LGD500BK TMO T-MOBILE 2013/12/6 Download
LGMS769 MTK METRO_FRU 2013/11/29 Download
LGMS659 MTP METRO PCS 2013/11/27 Download
LGAS780 BPS BRIGHTPOINT 2013/11/26 Download
LGP659BK TMO T-MOBILE 2013/11/22 Download
LGVS920 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2013/11/8 Download
LGMS910 MTK METRO_FRU 2013/11/4 Download
LGVS950 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2013/11/4 Download
LGP769BK TMO T-MOBILE 2013/10/13 Download
LGVS930 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2013/9/30 Download
LGVS840 VRZ Verizon Wireless 2013/9/28 Download
LGMS769 MTP METRO PCS 2013/9/23 Download


To download firmware with IMEI code:



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