Download LG K520 DLL for LG UP

This is the Dll file for European LG Stylus 2 K520 model. You need to install the LG K520 DLL for LG UP so that the LG UP can detect your phone model and software version.

To restore your LG K520 back to stock;

You need to install:

1) LG USB driver
2) LG UP for Store
3) LG UP DLL for LG K520

And download the latest stock kdz firmware for LG K520

4) LG K520 Stock firmware

If you experience “lg up known model” issues, just need to download and install the LGUP_K520.MSI, onced installed the DLL file, connnect your PHONE to computer and run the LG UP, Now you should be able to see the LG UP screen.

Please notes that this DLL is used for LG K520 Model only!

If you have ever installed LG UP DLL for other models, please remove it first and then install this LG K520 DLL for LG UP.