List of LG G6 Stock Firmware Collections – Restore LG G6 back to Stock

List of LG G6 Stock Firmware / ROM Collections

This is a list of the latest firmware for LG G6 smartphone.
This page will be updated when there is a new software Update.

Last Updated on February 28, 2019

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You can also find the LGUP DLL for LG G6, Which is used for LGUP to detect your phone model number and software version.
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Also, remember to visit LG Phones firmware Update History – All Countries Here.

ModelSoftware VersionDownload kdzNotes
T-mobileLG-H872H87220GH87220g_00_1228.kdz [Dec. 2018 Security Patch]
U.S. CellularUS997US99721EUS99721e_01_0211.kdz[Feb. 2019 Security Patch]
U.S. UnlockedUS997US99715AUS99715a_05_0908.kdzAndroid Nougat

AmazonUS997uUS997UA10CUS997UA10c_03_1221.kdz Android Nougat
SprintLG-LS993System Dump OnlyPlease contact us
VerizonVS988VS98820gVS98820g_01_0125_ARB00.kdzAndroid Oreo  [Feb. 2019 Security Patch]
AT&TLG-H871 System DUMP LGH871AT-00-V10b-ATT-US-MAR-03-2017-ARB00+0System Dump, V10b AT&T G6 Firmware
InternationalLG-H870 List of LG G6 H870 firmware
HongKongLG-H870DSH870DS20GH870DS20g_00_OPEN_HK_DS_OP_0222.kdzAndroid Oreo  [Feb. 2019 Security Patch]
CanadaLG-H873H87320IH87320i_00_OPEN_CA_OP_0204.kdz Android Oreo [Feb. 2019 Security Patch]
South KoreaLGM-G600KG600K20PG600K20P_00_1214.kdzAndroid Oreo [Dec. 2018 Security Patch]
South KoreaLGM-G600LG600L20PG600L20p_00_1214.kdzAndroid Oreo [Dec. 2018 Security Patch]
South KoreaLGM-G600SG600S20PG600S20p_00_1214.kdzAndroid Oreo [Dec. 2018 Security Patch]

Download LG UP DLL for LG G6

Is My LG G6 supports LG Bridge?

LG Bridge does not support LG G6 from AT&T and Sprint.

How to fix AT&T LG G6 H871 Bootloop issues?

Use LGUP dev or Patched LGUP to dump the stock system.img from a working LG G6 H871

and use Partion DL feature of LGUP Dev to load the system.img onto the soft bricked LG G6 H871

Where I can download LG G6 USB drivers?

The latest LG Android USB Drivers, MTP Device Drivers for Windows is software version Ver 4.2, You can get it from below link.


Where I can download LG Bridge for LG G6.

LG Bridge for Windows

LG Bridge for Mac

Where I can download LGUP Developer 1.15 for LG G6?

The LGUP 1.15 for Dev is not publicly available. Anyway, You can download the patched LGUP store 1.14,  You can also use it to upgrade or refurbish your phone by flashing the stock kdz firmware.  The LG UP patched allows you to dump the firmware from your phone, the Partition DL feature of LGUP allow you to flash single or multi-partition onto your phone too.


Understanding the features and functions of LGUP

1) REFURBISH: You will lost all user data(KDZ or TOT)

2) UPGRADE: Keep data and update your phone(KDZ or TOT)

Select Upgrade to flash kdz firmware to unbrick/restore your phone back to stock.

3) ChipErase: Dangerous, This will erase IMEI/efs, Do not try this if you do not have a NV backup.

Chip Erase can also remove the Google FRP on many LG devices with Android 5.0, 6.0. (Such as LG H345, LG MS345)

4)PARTITION DL:flash the single Parition or selected paritions onto your phone.

This feature can solve “uknown model” issues. This feature can be used to bypass google frp by flashing specific tot firmware.

5)DUMP:Dump all paritions of your phone as backup.,

AT&T and Spring LG phone users who may need this feature to dump the firmware from a working phone as back up and use Patition DL to restore phones.
Because there are no STOCK KDZ firmware available for AT&T and Spring LG phone.

6) FOTA Upgrade: This can be used to flash OTA Update file that comes with dot up file extention

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