Download LG flash tool 2025 [for LG V30, LG G6]

This is the LG Flash tool Ver. from LG official. It can be used to flash firmware onto LG V30, LG G6, and more LG phones.

When I try to flash the stock kdz firmware onto Canada Variant LG V30 (Model: LG H933) with LG UP software, The LG up pop up an error message stating that the LG UP Ver 1.5 or above is needed.

I can not find the LG UP store Ver 1.5, So I use this LG FLASH TOOL 2025 to upgrade my LG H933.

Please note that You need a USB megalock to bypass the user login screen of LG FLASH TOOL,

You can download the LG FLASH TOOL from below Link:!iscEgQZC!9XKXWh6hCdgYQfeYN-q–vhKFXUwIhIXTB0nxUUMUpE

I may share my USB megalock with USB-OVER-NETWORK software if anyone of you needs it.